Hi, I am Square. I've always been interested in Digital Graphic and Web Design. When I am given a task be damn sure I will put alot of effort into it.

How did you do that?


I gather as many infos as possible about my client needs and desires. This allows to establish a collaborative relationship between the two parts.


Just like a building, the designing phase is as important as the realization. It is much easier to work following a plan rather than jumping towards an unknown goal.


Colors and fonts are carefully selected to create harmony and make navigation enjoyable. Each page has a dynamic layout, necessary for cross-platform browsing.


Before handing over the site to the customer I always make sure that everything is pixel perfect, reputation is everything to me!

Back in 2004 my family decided to subscribe to a DSL plan. I was twelve and from that moment my life completely changed. Since then it has been entirely dedicated to the web and its various components. Currently I'm a CE graduate that likes to .

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